Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Jonas...

Today the oh-so-tolerant Jonas went on a field trip across the street to play with my sweet 5 year old neighbor. For those who don't know Jonas, he's quite popular with the ladies. He even gets phone calls from his 2 year old friend in Chicago. And while visiting Chicago last month I ran into a friend whose first question was, "How's Jonas?" Another friend whipped out her cell phone to show me that her backround picture was Jonas. This guy gets around and puts up with a lot. He's even traveled cross-country in the front seat of my car (and will do it again next week).

Anyway, Jonas went for a long awaited play date across the street where he was chased, carried around, kissed, stuffed full of leaves, and generally abused. I'm pretty sure he loved it.

The combination of a rabbit and a fast-moving 5 year old makes snapping a good picture difficult. Finally I gave in and attempted a staged shot. "Give Jonas a kiss again" was what I said...

Or make a confrontational growling face at him?

Once the art of carrying Jonas was mastered, keeping his feet on the ground was nearly impossible. And so Jonas found himself sailing precariously through the air in the hands of a child.

But despite the abuses, the reward of fresh leaves ripped from the tree were enticing enough to keep Jonas coming back for more.

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