Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emma Grace

Today I am remembering sweet Emma who would have turned 10 years old today. I'm remembering her wispy blond hair, her sweet blue eyes, the way she used to wrap her arms around my neck and hold tight. I remember the moment I fell in love with her and I remember my heart breaking on the day that she died.

I don't know what it was about Emma that made me love her so much. Maybe she chose me to love her, because on the day that I met her she climbed into my arms and wouldn't let go for anybody.
All I know is that Emma changed me forever.

"Death and beauty collided over the next hour. After taking out Emma’s breathing tube, she was laid into Missy's arms. I sat down next to them. Emma with her typical bluish coloring, looked like she was sleeping. All eyes were on mother and child. As a backdrop, the sun had risen creating a hazy gray blue sky. It was a few minutes after 8AM. Missy broke the silence and asked, “How will we know when her heart has stopped?” as the doctor came close checking Emma’s pulse. He replied somberly, “It has. Her heart has stopped, I am sorry.” I lifted and turned my head and announced to all in a deadpan tone of voice, “She is dead, her heart has stopped.” It had taken less than a minute. It was 8:04AM on Saturday morning, September 8th, 2001 and our daughter, Emma Grace Rhen, had just died and her spirit had gone to heaven at the age of two years and just shy of four months." - A Short Walk with Emma

You can read a little bit more of Emma's story here.

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Lindy said...

Yes, although not there, I spent that night praying from my home. Barbara Breen called for Brian & Missy knowing that I needed to know.

My last touch of Emma was that Sunday before the surgery. I was holding Elise in my arms, and both Sadie & Emma came over to me to give Elise kisses. A short time later I handed Elise back to Missy and watched them all leave together. Emma trailing slightly behind in that special confident walk of hers.