Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding my voice

Lately it feels as though I've lost my voice, as though I've forgotten how to put words to what goes on in my head. My whole life I've been a words person. I love stories! I love to read them, I love to write them, I love to tell them. I even took a class in college all about telling stories. It's evident if you look over the history of this blog. I used to write stories and tell of adventures. But lately I can hardly think of a caption to put with my pictures.

I miss my days of hanging out with kids, kids who love to talk. I never ended a day without a hilarious story or at least something worth talking about. Now I get home from work and want nothing more than to sleep and recover from the night. I want my old life back. I want to have fun again. I want to have something to say again.

So from now on, there are going to be words with these pictures. I'm going to make an effort to find myself again, to remember the fun person I used to be. To find something other than stress and word to fill my time with... and right now this is the place for that. So I hope you enjoy reading from now on.

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Tracey said...

I think there are seasons J where we all lose ourselves and our voice. I promise you...you don't want your old life back. :) You want a newer version of your life, one that is wiser, more truer to who you were created to be. I am right there with you in the desiring you have in your heart. And I'm finding that the struggle is much more valuable than the end product.
Looking forward to seeing you grow!