Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A door that was green.

Yesterday I went on my last California photo adventure for a while. I don't know that I'll find doors like this in Chicago. And I certainly won't find families as great as this one. So today I enjoyed my final moments with a dear friend and her sweet kiddos (-1 who was at school).

There's this great door. It's green. Enough said.

Getting Miss Z to stand still in front of it was a battle. Really, getting her to stand still anywhere was a battle. The goats were far too alluring to keep this girl in one place.

So we wandered on the paths. Chased some chickens. Picked daisies and put them in our hair. And enjoyed the beautiful sunny day (which managed to be sunny for exactly the amount of time we were there... the rest of the day it was raining).

I'm going to miss these sweet faces and the snuggly arms and the laughs and the kisses. And I'm going to miss their sweet mama too and our afternoons chatting and the second family that they are to me.

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