Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The life and times of a cat named Mudles

Whoever said cats are not expressive has never met Mudles. This cat wears his emotions on his face. So let me introduce you to my cat...

He is a dreamer and he likes to be clean, even though he rolls in the dirt at least twice a day.

He's always on the lookout for something new, and often discovers me with my camera pointed in his face. You can see doesn't appreciate the paparazzi.

Once in a while he gets playful, but it doesn't last long.

He loves to eat grass, but it always makes him sick. He never learns.

He's annoyed a lot.

He pretends like he hates all the attention he gets.

But I'm pretty sure he loves it.

He always feels ashamed after he's naughty.

But he always recovers and returns to his poised self.

And at the end of the day, he stretches his legs.

Crawls into bed.

And goes to sleep.

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