Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Cat Called Wallace

For those of you who know me, you know I am an animal person. The only time in my life where I was without an animal was in college. I adopted Jonas, the frequently posted rabbit, because he was the only animal my roommates weren't allergic to. But I finally live alone and it was finally time to get a cat. Actually, he's my 1 year anniversary present from Eric. :) Best present ever. Best boyfriend ever.

So welcome Wallace...

Wallace was adopted from a shelter earlier this week. He's made himself quite at home and his personality is already shining strong. He's the cutest thing you've ever seen. And the neediest. If he sees me walk out of the room he's quick to follow, but if he missed where I went he just sits and cries. Everytime I go to the bathroom he has to come and them when I leave he sits up on the toilet and cries until I come back and get him.

Tonight's my first night back to work since I got  him and I feel like a new mom leaving her child for the first time, only there's no babysitter to watch Wallace. So wish us luck as Wallace and I must be away from each other for the whole night. (and thanks to Eric who's going to come check on him before bed!)


Anonymous said...

your boyfriend sounds awesome!

Tracey said...

I love Wallace. I want a little Wallace...and that chair. Already have a boyfriend. :)