Thursday, September 29, 2011


This place was beautiful. If was just what my heart needed.... to know that there's a life out there that I could live and love. To know that Chicago doesn't always have to be home, because it never felt like it was. The people here had become my home, but this place... it was never home. I could never love it. I got to drive through the mountains, just for the sake of driving. With no destination in mind... just the desire to wind through the trees, hike up the mountains, and admire the beauty that was Washington.

The city was beautiful. It didn't feel like a city. I wasn't overwhelmed by the chaos, but felt settled and safe. I felt happy. I haven't experienced that in a while. I ate breakfast at a place that served green eggs and ham, walked in the rain and the sun, and bought myself the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen and brought them all the way home with me.

I got to spent hours talking to the best friends someone could ask for, friends I haven't seen in far too long. Friends who know my life and my stories and want to hear the one's they've missed out on since we last saw each other. Friends who care about my heart and will defend it no matter what. And I got to spend hours listening, getting to hold their stories, be the friend I've so missed being.

One day. One day I hope this city will be mine. I don't know when. Not yet though. There are days when I wish I could be anywhere but here. Anywhere but this apartment in this neighborhood in this city. But not yet. I don't think I'm supposed to leave just yet. And so I will wait. And listen. And pray. And when He tells me so, I will leave this place and embark on a new adventure. But He's still telling me to wait. And so I will.

Seattle... I hope you will wait for me. I hope one day to call you home.

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