Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm sensing a floral theme...

The past few days I haven't gotten out of the house much, except to see my over photographed campers, and have thus had to venture into the yard for pictures (unfortunately our house does not lend itself to good indoor pics). The daisies are in bloom right now so into the bushes I climbed. I love the simplicity of the daisy. Definetly on my top 10 list of flowers... probably even in the top 2. If you could define a flower's personality I think a daisy would be very low maitenance. A little quarky. It would be it's own person (well... flower). I would like very much to be a daisy.

I'm off to go camping this weekend so I should be back with some great pictures on Sunday!

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Tracey said...

I love taking pics of flowers...they don't move and you can just sit there and take your time to photograph them. I never liked flower pix until I picked up a camera myself.
Hope you have/had a good time camping!